Digital Strategy & Planning

You’d be surprised, in 2018, how many businesses still have no digital strategy – still bogged down in tactical thinking.

Look… it’s 2018, not 2004. The web isn’t a new shiny thing anymore, even if the corporate world is abuzz with phrases like “digital transformation”. But, here’s a brutal truth: if you are still struggling with the concept of “digital”, customer experience and how it impacts your business and your customers, you may have bigger issues than your website.

How on earth do you expect to execute – and more importantly, what do you expect to execute and to whom – without a clear strategy? How can you consolidate and optimise so you can have a uniform experience for customers, fans and staff alike?

Your website is not just for marketing. If leveraged correctly, your website can run your entire business. Intranet, Integration, e-Commerce, Members Areas, tailored mobile apps. With a good strategy, some creativity and the right agency… the sky’s the limit.

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