Which Content Management System should you use? It doesn’t matter.

It’s funny that so many large corporations are talking about things like AI or Blockchain when most of them can barely even implement a Content Management System that works, or consolidate their Google Analytics.

Every business has a “Don’t Mention the War!” project that has become poisonous to a team (I tend to rescue them). It’s late, everyone’s angry, it’s spiralled, everyone is finger pointing and, as a Hail Mary, the Agency or Devs blame the platform.

It is NEVER the platform that is the problem.

Whether you’re on Drupal or Sitefinity or WordPress or custom or, in many cases, all of these at the same time…it is completely immaterial.

Anyone can destroy a good platform… a bad agency, too-junior product owner, under-resourced marketing team or unreasonable stakeholders to name a few.

I have seen some absolute doozies lately.

Truth: no digital solution in the world will fix a dysfunctional or toxic organisation, and the actual platform is irrelevant.

I have seen Drupal ballsed up. I have seen Sitefinity ballsed up. I have seen custom apps and platforms that are utterly embarrassing. I have seen WordPress completely and utterly ballsed up.

And 100% of the time, it is all from a lack of focus & leadership (or the wrong kind of focus & leadership) in the project.