Quit burying SEO alive!

If someone who is trying to sell you a digital marketing related services tells you that "SEO is Dead" or even that "SEO is everything" - they don't understand what SEO even is or does.

Every other day I see “content marketers” saying that SEO is “dead”, or that you should not “buy SEO” or whatever.

See this as a red flag.

I find it troubling when “content” people don’t understand what SEO actually *is*, and the role it plays. You would think this was a fundamental, but it would seem not.

SEO is simply a “reward for good behaviour” ACROSS Design, Architecture, Code and Content. Good SEO is complex, and dynamic and yes, technical and boring and necessary.

Just another example of baseless, loud feelpinions being confused for expertise. And people offering shortcuts and hacks and secret soup without having to invest properly.

My guess is that they see simply someone else’s SEO retainer as a pot of client’s money that they can grab for themselves.

Good SEO affects things like your Quality Score for Adwords (ultimately means you pay less). Good SEO means a good and streamlined user experience. Good SEO means relevant content. Some of this requires ongoing management.

I’ve tested this, repeatedly. Trust me.

Average content, on a fast, well-designed, clear site with some high quality sites linking back to it will FAR outrank any slow, buggy, inaccessible site with excellent content.

The answer is not content VS SEO VS Social.

The answer is that ALL OF THEM WORK TOGETHER. Retainers should ideally have a combination of services.

If your “content marketer” is telling you that you don’t need SEO, then they simply don’t understand what it is, measure everything against the dodgy SEO people out there, or they simply don’t understand what a good SEO consultant does.

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