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The qualities of a good UX Designer

With technology being increasingly cheaper, quicker to implement and easier to use, the barrier to entry is low for anyone with an idea. With that, there are more competitors, and many businesses questioning the ROI of their digital spending. No more can businesses justify $100k on websites that are just pretty, with no consideration of …

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Think you aren’t sexy enough for Social Media? You’re wrong.

As much as it frustrates me that I am still, in 2013, having to convince people that social media is a thing, I accept that there are still a large number of people that don’t see how it is relevant to their business. There are many reasons for this, but often it is to do …

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So, what’s in a “Like”, anyway?

If you listen in on any casual conversation between business owners about social media, before long a conversation about the number of Likes on a Page will come up. For some reason (well, not mysteriously, but a blog post in itself so let’s just go with ‘some reason’ :-)), people seem to love comparing the …

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