When you've been blogging since before blog was even a word, and coding since before geeks were cool, you have a few things to say. This is where we say them. There are also a few free bits of wisdom that might make you want to pay us for more information. That'd be nice.

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Should business owners talk about politics on social media?

I’ve seen a few comments and posts on LinkedIn recently that we shouldn’t talk about politics on LinkedIn. I’ve seen this aimed at women in particular.

I disagree.

AdWords is not a dirty word, depending how you use it.

Our Support Officer, Yas, talks us through an experience she has had with annoying and dodgy agencies offering the earth, and now she finally ‘gets it’.

Digital succession planning – what it is and why you need it.

If something happened right now that required you to access all of your digital accounts, would you be able to? Paul discusses the importance of digital succession planning.

First Kintsugi Noob Blog Post

Hey! I’m Yas. Just a matter of weeks ago, I received a message out of the blue: “What’s your work situation at the moment?” Since then, oh how much have I evolved! My journey has taken me from resume spamming a required minimum of 20 employers a month; to nervously meeting someone I had ‘known’ …

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On the “elevator pitch” …and why I won’t do it.

I’ve been asked to give a talk this week, about what our business does, and tell our story, in under 2 minutes. It is stressing me out no end. Yes, me. Queen big mouth. heh. Not because I’m afraid of speaking. Anyone who knows me knows that isn’t true. It’s because I am supposed to …

On the “elevator pitch” …and why I won’t do it. Read More »

Please, by all means, ‘do it yourself with Wix’.

What do you do as a digital agency when everyone can “do it yourself with Wix?”. When you can set up an amazing online store with Shopify? How do you compete with your brother’s mate (who works in IT), and WordPress and Page Builders (both of which we use exclusively, by the way) and off …

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