When you've been blogging since before blog was even a word, and coding since before geeks were cool, you have a few things to say. This is where we say them. There are also a few free bits of wisdom that might make you want to pay us for more information. That'd be nice.

Here are the posts in chronological order, or you can choose a topic in the menu. If there's anything you'd like us to write about, get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

a gold Kintsugi repair on blue pottery

An update from the Kintsugi Noob

Our Support Officer, Yas, reflects on her time so far at Kintsugi, and how the business, and its philosophy, has become a part of her life.

Lady typing and frustrated

Why “business” writing is a lie.

The evidence plagues our social media channels, and so many people are not aware of their failings. Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught to write. But, just because you can write, does not mean you can write well.

“Let me do my job!”: When collaboration becomes control, it’s time to step back.

The emotional state of the people involved are a major source of delay, additional cost, and stress. If you are too emotionally invested in your brand, marketing and the work that goes with it, you might be unwittingly undermining your own efforts.

Google Lighthouse: why every website is a series of trade-offs.

Google have made more and more tools (such as Pagespeed Insights or Lighthouse) available for people to run their own reports. This is fantastic, however websites, SEO, etc are a series of trade-offs and you still need an expert.

Which Content Management System should you use?

If you are starting your project with the question “which CMS should I use?”, you should realise that very rarely does it matter.

How to choose a digital agency (through the eyes of a newbie).

Yas was tasked with doing some market research for digital agencies in Perth. She has some thoughts.

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