First Kintsugi Noob Blog Post

Hey! I’m Yas.

Just a matter of weeks ago, I received a message out of the blue: “What’s your work situation at the moment?”

Since then, oh how much have I evolved!

My journey has taken me from resume spamming a required minimum of 20 employers a month; to nervously meeting someone I had ‘known’ through social media for YEARS, and awkwardly finding myself saying waaaaay too many times – “I’m a fast learner!!!” – then into a ‘trial’ period where I felt like the other two people in the office were Literally. Speaking. Another. Language! – and constantly worrying my self-doubt was flashing like a mine site beacon on the top of my head. Then, bringing us to today, where I just Googled “mouse arm” – because I have a theory that like the strength in a new mum’s left arm, MOST people slowly build up the muscle in their mouse arm, to meet the workload as it grows…

Here’s a couple of Facebook posts from this journey… mainly for the word-count… there’s a chance my bosses might read this.

31 July

At this stage, my new job is pretty much just trying to pretend I understand what a digital agency does… and this blog post kind of explains it a bit… I think…

I would say how much I really just like reading the bosses writing – but she’d just think I’m kissing her arse! 

(Do you think I’ve blown my cover about not knowing what I’m doing?? ?)

01 August

When your boss catches you saying you don’t get it on Facebook, so she draws a diagram on her desk and now you get it…

(Photo blurred in case anyone else tries to get it! ?)

01 August

Started Working at Kintsugi

Not sure how long it will last until they work out what a complete bloody noob I am, so I better get in quick with the #socmed cred.


Self doubt can be crippling. It even made me lie and try to pretend like I knew more keyboard shortcuts than I really did…

They sooooo knew.

At the ripe old age of 41, being given the opportunity to start a whole new career, without any prior experience in the industry – it just doesn’t happen, right?

But it DID happen, and with perfect timing, no less. At that exact moment in my life where I was finally mentally prepared to dive in – pity I don’t buy lottery tickets!

You know what though?

I don’t think it was by fate.

I think I’ve been Kintsugied!

From my unique inner perspective of being the First Kintsugi Support Officer Noob (I need to work on that for a cool acronym…), I can’t help feeling as though, while yes, my role addresses some pain points for a busy small office – there is absolutely some hidden (but maybe not so accidental) beauty in my new role being the gold that helps me piece my life together. And for that I am so grateful.

Plus – I’m honestly not sure there’s any other way, in this lovely little agency.

Today, when I was simply trying FOR ONCE to be the funny one in the room, I mentioned my ‘mouse arm’, and I was met with an instant fixer response:

“Do you need an ergonomic mouse? We can get you an ergonomic mouse!! What else do you need to be more comfortable!?”

It’s just the Kintsugi way – and the pleasure of being a part of it, is all mine.