Bad Digital Marketing and Dark Patterns: “But it works”.

Is that a reason?

Only in marketing does it appear that the ends justifies the means.

I visit a website, I get asked if I want notifications (NO). I get a modal pop-up. Before I even read the headline to determine if I want to stay.

I get sent to a Landing Page with more exclamation points and manipulative clickbaity copy than I have ever seen in my life.

“But it works!”

…but it’s manipulative and wrong.

And it alienates everyone but the dumbest and cheapest of customers.

“But it works! Don’t question it! It works!”

Inbound marketing agencies use this argument all the time, to justify their NLP, manipulative, unethical, overpriced crap.

That the landing page/ebook/magnet/pop-up dark-pattern & black hat “method” “works”.

Yes. It works for THEM, in that they manage to give you a list of email addresses (that they also then have access to) and get your money upfront.

But does it work for you?

Or, do you just end up with a list of email addresses of people who don’t want to pay for IP, need everything spoon-fed to them, and are easily manipulated?

Catherine Tate’s Nan sums it up.

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