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How to use the Internet to do good work: some marketing tips for Not for Profits

With the right tools and good intent, it is possible to make a difference, and for your message be heard amidst the noise.

Quit burying SEO alive!

If someone who is trying to sell you a digital marketing related services tells you that “SEO is Dead” or even that “SEO is everything” – they don’t understand what SEO even is or does.

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An update from the Kintsugi Noob

Our Support Officer, Yas, reflects on her time so far at Kintsugi, and how the business, and its philosophy, has become a part of her life.

How to choose a digital agency (through the eyes of a newbie).

Yas was tasked with doing some market research for digital agencies in Perth. She has some thoughts.

AdWords is not a dirty word, depending how you use it.

Our Support Officer, Yas, talks us through an experience she has had with annoying and dodgy agencies offering the earth, and now she finally ‘gets it’.

First Kintsugi Noob Blog Post

Hey! I’m Yas. Just a matter of weeks ago, I received a message out of the blue: “What’s your work situation at the moment?” Since then, oh how much have I evolved! My journey has taken me from resume spamming a required minimum of 20 employers a month; to nervously meeting someone I had ‘known’ …

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