Téa Smith

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Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your agency?

There are a lot of parallels between the way predators behave and bad digital agencies do.

You have impact. Your voice is important.

We all have impact. Many will argue that it’s our skills that determine our value. But it’s not. It’s the intangible stuff that has the most impact.

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Does “award winning digital agency”​ mean “the best”​?

Every digital agency claims to be “award winning”. But, what does that actually mean? Should it be part of your criteria? As the people who generally work under the hood, we have some thoughts on this issue.

“Let me do my job!”: When collaboration becomes control, it’s time to step back.

The emotional state of the people involved are a major source of delay, additional cost, and stress. If you are too emotionally invested in your brand, marketing and the work that goes with it, you might be unwittingly undermining your own efforts.

Which Content Management System should you use?

If you are starting your project with the question “which CMS should I use?”, you should realise that very rarely does it matter.

Should business owners talk about politics on social media?

I’ve seen a few comments and posts on LinkedIn recently that we shouldn’t talk about politics on LinkedIn. I’ve seen this aimed at women in particular.

I disagree.

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