Paul Groth

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Why “business” writing is a lie.

The evidence plagues our social media channels, and so many people are not aware of their failings. Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught to write. But, just because you can write, does not mean you can write well.

Google Lighthouse: why every website is a series of trade-offs.

Google have made more and more tools (such as Pagespeed Insights or Lighthouse) available for people to run their own reports. This is fantastic, however websites, SEO, etc are a series of trade-offs and you still need an expert.

Digital succession planning – what it is and why you need it.

If something happened right now that required you to access all of your digital accounts, would you be able to? Paul discusses the importance of digital succession planning.

Google isn’t broken: society is.

Google’s machines have been learning about humans – and it seems we don’t like their findings. Do we have a search crisis? I’ve just been reading this article by Search Engine Land which basically says that Google need to step in and ‘fix’ search. The reasoning behind it is to change search results to not …

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