Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your agency?

There are a lot of parallels between the way predators behave and bad digital agencies do.

1. Negging. The strategic use of put-downs and insults and making the target feel bad, triggering a subconscious desire to seek their approval. More here.

2. Love bombing, wooing, buying dinners, future-faking. Appearing like Prince Charming and saying all the right words… just to close the deal. Then, as soon as they seal the deal… are suddenly ‘busy’, or ghost, or move onto 3.

3. Gaslighting. For example, when a client asks a valid question about something they have every right to ask, being told they are imagining things, made to feel crazy, or stupid. Never admitting mistakes, or deflecting blame back on the client.

4. Controlling behaviour. Making themselves the gatekeepers of the client’s work. Not giving backups, or access, or ownership in all the decisions “for your own good”.

5. Fear of retribution if you leave. Threats of turning everything off. Aggression towards other providers. Instilling fear that they’ll do harm or stop work if you push back in any way.

Ask yourself: are you aware of these tactics used by dodgy marketing gurus?

We can help identify whether or not your agency relationship is healthy.

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