An update from the Kintsugi Noob

Our Support Officer, Yas, reflects on her time so far at Kintsugi, and how the business, and its philosophy, has become a part of her life.

As we are all winding down for the end of another busy year, I thought I might reflect on how Kintsugi came to be a part of my life.

What do I mean by “Kintsugi”?

I don’t particularly mean this blossoming little digital agency. When I refer to Kintsugi, my mind takes me to two places:

One is the philosophy surrounding the Japanese art itself. Where an ordinary piece of pottery is repaired with seams of gold, embracing the flaws or imperfections as a piece of beauty. Crafting and extending the life of an object beyond what others may have deemed it worthy of discarding.

The second is of gratitude for two wonderful human beings who, in a world seemingly geared toward single-use of objects and humans alike, are trying to breathe Kintsugi philosophy into their lives – on levels both personal and professional. These two people are the Directors of Kintsugi Pty Ltd, the digital agency.

It’s been 5 months since I first met Téa & Paul, mustering all the bravado I could find, just to come along and see if we were going to get along. Until then, after many years in different employment roles, I had returned to the workforce as a domestic cleaner. A path I took mostly because it was flexible around being a Mummy to young children, but also because I simply hadn’t felt like I had the skills, experience, and especially confidence to sell myself for any other role. I really had NO idea what my role here would be. Ok… so I didn’t even know what a “Digital Agency” really was! So I sat there and meekly offered that I could “do some cleaning to make up the hours!”. At that stage we were only talking about 15 hours per week…

Where are we now?

In that time, I’ve learned SO much, and yet I still know so little. I jokingly refer to most of what I do as “the crayon corner of the internets”. It’s nice here.

Without listing every new trick I’ve learned, I can certainly say it has been a journey of discovery – digital and otherwise. My confidence in knowing I can learn quickly & adapt to new challenges has been renewed, and most importantly – I’ve been forced to realise that my three amazing kids have grown up enough for mummy to get a real job! This only happened thanks to Kintsugi.

Some days I only hope I live up to my job title of Support Officer. Other days I fully expect to be told something I’ve come up with is “naff” (and that’s because I know enough to recognise it IS, but not enough to see how to change it)! Learning from people who have been in the industry for over twenty years is a privilege I feel lucky to have, and get paid for. And anyway, on those days I can always just make a new Jib Jab of the boss and post it to our social media… (you can check one of my faves here!!)

Then we ALL get to have the last laugh. And that is one of the best parts – the laughs!

But the absolute best part is knowing that I work for people who run a business that at it’s core is about honesty, integrity, and doing what is right. In an ideal world, I like to think we could all work for people who believe in making the world a better place, starting with their own backyard, their own workplace and business ethics.

Offering a flexible 4 day work week for their employees. Pushing to find ways to make digital better, more accessible, less confusing and more transparent. Striving to encourage anyone and everyone to be true, honest and kind to themselves and all others.

Isn’t that something the world needs a lot more of?!

Perhaps this comes across a bit like a sales pitch… which is not what I set out to do. But with reflection, also comes looking to the future.

Following a challenging end to 2018, I know that these Kintsugi masters will be working on some exciting business developments over the quiet down-time of the Christmas period. I’m personally looking forward to seeing just what strength & beauty can come from putting a little bit of gold into some cracks & imperfections, and seeing where the Kintsugi philosophy can go.

With that, I wish you all the chance to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, to discover a sparkle of happiness over the Christmas season, and to find some joy to take a smile with you into the New Year. x

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