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We don’t “do” Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): we achieve it.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is something important, but also misunderstood. If you are the average client, you get your website designed just the way you like it, and then, once the site is launched, start to consider search engines. SEO is not a 'bolt-on' service. If you get it right the...

Freelance to “Real Business”: Lessons from a one-year-old Digital Agency.

LinkedIn told me that I have been running my digital agency, Kintsugi for a year now, so I thought I might take the opportunity to share some lessons I have learned making the leap from freelancer to “full Agency”. I have been ‘in business’ for over a decade, and yet,...

Your Customers are Waiting for the Icebreaker.

I don't generally like to comment on or analyse viral videos, because it often leaves people with the impression that "viral" (I mean truly viral) is something you manufacture, rather than something that is, for most part, fairy dust. There are, of course, ways to increase your odds, and it is...

How to be a good client for any digital agency.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are the best client you can be and how you might, upon reflection, be able to restore a good working relationship with your Agency. Yes, sometimes they can be the problem... but sometimes, it might actually be you....

Are you a client with Commitment Issues?

Are you thinking about leaving your Agency? Why? Have you bounced from Agency to Agency? Might you, the client, have created this? I've been in the business for a very long time, and have seen and experienced a lot of drama - and learned many, many lessons. Reflect for a...

Baby ‘Digital Strategists’: You Are Not Gods.

I know, strange title. But I want to talk about a problem in our industry, which is juniors starting digital agencies and exploiting the (apparent) ignorance of some clients. People with no experience opening content management agencies, and bamboozling people with buzzwords and non-strategic “content” over actual strategy. I am...

Get real: moving beyond personas and into empathy with your customers.

Ah, empathy. The word that everyone talks about, and thinks they have, but very few are actually able to put into practice. Empathy, not to be confused with sympathy, is being able to sit in someone else's shoes, and feel the way they feel about a certain situation. Empathy is...

The qualities of a good UX Designer

With technology being increasingly cheaper, quicker to implement and easier to use, the barrier to entry is low for anyone with an idea. With that, there are more competitors, and many businesses questioning the ROI of their digital spending. No more can businesses justify $100k on websites that are just...