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Bad Digital Marketing and Dark Patterns: “But it works”.

Is that a reason? Only in marketing does it appear that the ends justifies the means. I visit a website, I get asked if I want notifications (NO). I get a modal pop-up. Before I even read the headline to determine if I want to stay. I get sent to a Landing Page with more …

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How to use the Internet to do good work: some marketing tips for Not for Profits

With the right tools and good intent, it is possible to make a difference, and for your message be heard amidst the noise.

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Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your agency?

There are a lot of parallels between the way predators behave and bad digital agencies do.

You have impact. Your voice is important.

We all have impact. Many will argue that it’s our skills that determine our value. But it’s not. It’s the intangible stuff that has the most impact.

Quit burying SEO alive!

If someone who is trying to sell you a digital marketing related services tells you that “SEO is Dead” or even that “SEO is everything” – they don’t understand what SEO even is or does.

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Does “award winning digital agency”​ mean “the best”​?

Every digital agency claims to be “award winning”. But, what does that actually mean? Should it be part of your criteria? As the people who generally work under the hood, we have some thoughts on this issue.

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