About Kintsugi

What's in a name? Kintsugi is the art of mending broken pottery with gold, turning it into a unique, strong and beautiful new thing. “Brokenness” is in itself a story, and rather than focusing on the broken pieces and starting over - we rebuild, piece by piece, in a way that celebrates and embraces it. It is a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of difficulty.

Like a Kintsugi bowl, we see ourselves as the foundation on which to build something unique. We are a specialist digital agency, and we are increasingly specialising in high quality SEO & UX consulting, but also creating custom solutions built on WordPress, Drupal & iOS.

Despite the fluffy name, we are heavy hitters. Everything we do is measurable and built on our own model for success: DACC. Design, Architecture, Code, Content. Then rinse and repeat in sprints, and keep on bringing the fractured bits together, continuously improving, until you have something unique and beautiful that also works.

Our Directors


Téa Smith

Managing Director


Paul Groth

Technical Director