About Kintsugi

We provide digital solutions for modern business. Whether it is SEO for global corporations, a website, a custom WordPress plugin or a mobile app for a small business, we are renowned for our ability to deliver on a wide range of digital projects.

Kintsugi is the art of mending broken pottery with gold, turning it into a unique, strong and beautiful new thing. “Brokenness” is in itself a story, and rather than focusing on the broken pieces and starting over - we rebuild, piece by piece, in a way that celebrates and embraces it. It is a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of difficulty.

Like a Kintsugi bowl, we see ourselves as the foundation on which to build something unique. We are a specialist digital agency, and we are increasingly specialising in high quality SEO & UX consulting, but also creating custom solutions built on WordPress, Drupal & iOS.

Despite the fluffy name, we are heavy hitters. Everything we do is measurable and built on our own model for success: DACC. Design, Architecture, Code, Content. Then rinse and repeat in sprints, and keep on bringing the fractured bits together, continuously improving, until you have something unique and beautiful that also works.

We provide all the services you would expect from a Digital Agency, for example Strategy, User Experience, Design & Development, Digital Solutions, Integrations, Mobile Apps, SEO. It varies from client to client, problem to problem – we basically provide whatever it takes to solve digital problems.


Our Leadership Team

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Téa Smith


Hi, I am Téa. I am the Managing Director of Kintsugi.  I am a digital solutions consultant, user experience designer and digital architect with over 15 years of commercial experience, and if you count how long I’ve been “making stuff on computers”, it is actually over 25 years!

I am actually a social scientist who rode the digital wave, and I have applied my deep understanding of how humans behave and interact to building systems that empower and support our strengths, rather than simply exploit our weaknesses.

I've worked with businesses of all sizes, from (literal) rock stars to Tier 1 corporate clients, developing digital solutions from marketing and sales to building communities and high quality content.

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Paul Groth


Hi, Paul here - Technical Director at Kintsugi. I run the development team and technical implementation of our projects, including websites, mobile apps and SEO. If you need to optimise your digital systems or audit and transform your workflow or systems - or even create a whole new one - I’m your guy!

I have 20 years experience in systems design, digital solutions and app development. I’ve developed several business systems and native apps, and worked with all sizes of businesses. I love solving big technical issues, and developing systems that boost profit and productivity.

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